"It's a hard world to live in, but I don't think it's ever been an easy world to live in."


"You're causing fear where fear isn't necessary and now you're making kids fearful."


Azure and I talked about the following things: Chisago Lakes Marching Band, Molly Savold, Homer Simpson, O.J. Simpson (no relation), gay republicans and Catholic democrats, abortion, homeschooling, parenting, Hardcore Lutherans, Rosalie Wahl, Adam Voigt, Scrouge McDuck, refugees, immigration, Hawkins v. McGee, Wickard v. Filburn, and other favorite court holdings. 


When the podcast was getting started, I had the hardest time finding women to step up to the plate.  I'm thrilled that as of late, more and more ladies are actually saying yes and sharing their thoughts. 

Something I found really interesting when I listened back to my conversation with Azure was how often religion came up.  I asked her to talk politics, and she framed everything she believes based on life-experiences related to religion.  We never--throughout the course of the conversation--even discussed our personal religious beliefs, but we repeatedly discuss impressions of various churches from the perspectives of people outside of the church.  After our conversation, Azure suggested that I start speaking with people more about religion, which I'm happy to do if people are willing to talk.  



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