"I'm not Bernie Sanders.  I'm not.  I wish. He's pretty awesome."


"For every conversation we're having on the left about "we need to just beat the republicans and get them out of here," that's just wrong. What we need is independent political power that takes the power away from these two groups, not that they're equal in their morality or whatever, it just, takes the tension out and allows people to come back and think about real issues and real people, rather than this crazy hyperpartisian, because government doesn't work.  Our government does not work.  It can never be progressive if it does not work."


"If Minneapolis were on trial for being too progressive--this is my favorite example--if we were on trial . . . Donald Trump pulls us in, "you're too progressive, you have to prove that you're not progressive" it would be so easy for us to prove that we aren't progressive.  We spend billions of dollars on a stadium, we have some of the worst racial and economic disparity in the country, we have segregation, where . . . you know if you go to North Minneapolis, thats where concentrated areas of poverty overlap with our communities of color, its barriered off by highways and industrial zoning . . .  and then we polute that area higher than anywhere else. . . This is not a progressive city.  And to say that we're going to lose ground if we start going away from the DFL is just obscene." 


"There will be no progress on racial or economic equity until its a nonpartisian issue."



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