Nazir is a labor organizer who spoke with me on behalf of Convergence Twin Cities. We had a conversation about unions, immigrants, immigration, ICE raids, labor rights, and the 2016 election, among other things. 


"People are really upset, this goes against our sense of what is right and fair in this country. . .  People don't know how intensive it is and  much (it has) turned into a police state, especially for those who are undocumented or differently-documented."



"We have to look beyond just this country's problems or its relationship to immigration and we have to have a global analysis of what's happening or at least larger than this specific country, because . . and that is the failure of the labor movement in this country to do that, because,  I think a lot of people voted for Trump because they're angry about that, that people are taking jobs because they're lowering the wages because they're willing to work for less because they're desparate coming here. . . . It benefits a small section of this country's population to have that really cheap labor, that hurts people who wouldn't take such low pay."


**Note: the episode of the podcast I refer to at the beginning was episode #32, not #33. 

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