Anne: You gotta know that there are people I know who are pretty mad at the Bernie or Bust.

Sam: Well, I would ask those people how many doors they knocked on for their candidate, and what did they do to make sure Hillary won, because whatever they did, it wasn't enough either.



"As someone who is a participant, it gives me a way to grieve with my community over an injustice by not just sitting in a room and feeling powerless, it let's me go out and join with a bunch of other people who want justice for the families of the victims, who want accountability for the police,  and without any public pressure, nothing happens.  Even with the pressure, a lot of times nothing will happen." 


"The values that I have are not unique to Christianity, but that's a lot of where they're derived from."


Sam sets the record straight on third-party votes.  Sam, like John and Levi (Gary Johnson voters), wouldn't have voted if the only options were Hillary or Trump. 


***Notes: The OJ Simpson documentary was not made by 30 for 30.  Both "30 for 30" and "OJ: Made in America" are documentaries made by ESPN.

*The lawyer I refer to at the end of this podcast who explained the murders was Bill Hodgman, not Chris Darden.




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