Back my popular demand, my friend Joe--whom I would label "Joe the Visionary"-- but he specifically asked me not to. 

"The democrats run on a platform of being entitled to your vote."


I learned from the first time I interviewed Joe that preparation can work against me.  I try to follow Joe's lead to the extent that I can keep up, which I can barely do.  

The last time I spoke with Joe (episode #5 of the podcast), Joe explained to me some of the reasons Hillary lost the election.  In this episode, the first of two, we talk about:

*economics (historically),

*what the democratic party is selling (and why he's not buying),


*The Supreme Court

*how Larry Flint saved Bill Clinton's presidency,


*the Kennedy assasination and why *if* LBJ did it, it wouldn't be *that* big of a deal,

*Syria and Libya,


*the most frightening thing about Trump,

*and how the election was similar to a college football game. 

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