Joe the socialist and I finish up our conversation.  There's background noise, and we're eating fries, so-that's a thing to be prepared for.  


"In Minneapolis, it's not the republicans that kept the $15 an hour minimum wage off the ballot, it was  the democrats. . . . In Saint Paul, it's not the republicans voting to give millions of dollars to a billionaire soccer owner and allow him to pay no taxes on a brand new stadium, thats the democrats. And there's room. . . . for a party that's independent of corporate cash and corporate money to run in those environments because there you have the democrats who can't run on their one winning issue, which is 'we're not republicans.'"


"Even if Putin was behind the Russian email hack, no one at the democratic party is saying those emails were forged. That's what they wrote."


**Note: Joe's previous episode was the 5th episode, not the 4th as I stated in the intro. 

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